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Turn Violation Ticket

Turn violations are minor offenses if they do not lead to an accident, however, this offense can be serious if an unsafe turn on the road causes a collision, damage to property, or any other vehicle. Though there are no jail terms for turn violations, an increase in your insurance premiums will occur as a result of a conviction, with a penalty of two demerit points and a conviction on your driving record for two years.

Why Fight Traffic Tickets in Toronto and The GTA?


Whether it is minor or major violation, getting paralegals in Toronto to handle your case is in your best interest. Even if no demerit points are added to your record, you must fight traffic ticket in Toronto to prevent increase in your insurance premiums.


How Can Traffic Ticket Knights Assist You To Fight Traffic Tickets in Toronto and the GTA?

We are a team of qualified and licensed paralegals in Toronto, and represent your case in the court on your behalf. We prepare a detailed case after reviewing the notes of the officer on duty and checking the evidence in advance. Being highly professional paralegals in Toronto, we make sure that your charges are dismissed or we negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce your fines and/or demerit points. We protect your driver’s license and potential points against it.


We are reliable and affordable paralegals in Toronto whom you can trust for your traffic violation cases. We offer complete legal assistance and help you successfully fight traffic tickets in Toronto. We will also help you if you wish to fight traffic tickets in Toronto or in the GTA yourself. We offer free consultations to help you know about the violations and the penalties attached to different violations. We highly value our customers and offer secure and confidential services. Our paralegals have expertise and can handle any traffic violation case in Toronto and the GTA.


Contact us before you lose your license for a traffic violation.