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Stunt Driving Tickets

A person racing with other vehicles, performing stunts with their vehicles, or driving over 50KM/H can be issued a traffic ticket under S.172 Stunt driving of the Highway Traffic Act In 2007, a new law regarding racing, stunts and excess speeding was enacted in Ontario. According to this law, racing, stunts and excess speeding are prohibited on the roads and highway, this is a very serious offense. This law has given the power to the officer on duty to immediately suspend a driver’s license for 7 days and impound the car for the same period. You will have to pay the impounding and towing charges, even if you are not convicted. In case of conviction, you may have to face severe penalties, you can be fined any amount ranging from $2000 to $10,000. You may have to serve a term of up to 6 months in jail and your driver’s license can be suspended for up to two years if you are issued a ticket in a similar case.


Why Is It Important to Hire Traffic Paralegal Services to Fight Traffic Ticket in Toronto or in Ontario?


Getting a ticket for stunt driving can add 6 demerit points to your record. This will also have an adverse effect on your insurance premiums, or lead to the cancellation of your insurance. To avoid this accumulation of demerit points, save yourself from losing your license, and prevent increase in your insurance premiums, it is important to hire traffic paralegal services and fight traffic tickets in Toronto and Ontario.


How Can Traffic Ticket Knights, Toronto Based Paralegal Services, Help you Fight?


We, at Traffic Ticket Knights help you fight the ticket against Stunt Driving. We are Toronto based paralegal services and have handled various stunt driving cases successfully. Being experienced traffic paralegal services, we file your case as per the recent changes in this Act, and this helps us get your case completely withdrawn or get the best resolution possible.  Our traffic paralegal services have experienced and talented paralegals on staff who are licensed to provide legal services by the Law Society of Upper Canada. We offer highly professional, confidential, and secure legal representation. With our efforts, we eliminate all the charges against you or negotiate with the prosecutors to reduce your demerit points and charge the lowest possible fine.  We do not let your traffic ticket affect your future vehicle purchases, and affect other professional licenses. Being reliable Toronto based paralegal services,


we help you fight traffic ticket in Toronto and anywhere else. Get in touch with us today.

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