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Speeding Tickets

Have you received a speeding ticket in Toronto? What are you planning to do about it? Paying the fine would not only raise questions about your driving ability, but also affect your drivers license and insurance rates.  It is on you to fight traffic tickets in Toronto by retaining a paralegal service.


Why Should You Fight a Speeding Ticket in Toronto?


A speeding ticket is issued in Toronto for driving over the speed limit. For every conviction, demerit points are added to your drivers license record, As well as  higher speeds leading to greater fines;  for example, for exceeding the speed by 16-29km/h, 3 demerit points are added to the record and these points increase with the increase in your speeding.  Having more points in your record may lead to a warning and then suspension of your license for a certain time period. Thus, your decision to fight a traffic ticket in Toronto affects your license and insurance rates. Even minor tickets can have a significant impact on your insurance premiums. Therefore, it would be better to fight traffic tickets in Toronto instead of facing conviction by paying fine.


How Can We Help You Fight Traffic Tickets in Toronto?


Traffic Ticket Knights is a paralegal firm that helps you fight traffic ticket in Toronto and the GTA. We are experienced paralegals who make you aware of your rights. We build a strong defense for traffic ticket issues and know what works best for getting your speeding ticket in Toronto dismissed or withdrawn. We make sure that your case receives priority and individual attention so that we can win the case easily. Being experts, we fight your traffic ticket case on legal technicalities and arguments, and investigate all legal possibilities. Unlike other paralegal services which make fake promises, we believe in providing genuine solutions at competitive prices. Our paralegals, having trained in the Highway Traffic Act, appear in court on your behalf. You can contact us to find out about our other services and unique solutions.


Get a free consultation now to discuss the necessary steps in fighting your traffic ticket in Toronto and the GTA .

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