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Seat Belt Violation

One of the most common traffic tickets issued in Toronto is a seat belt violations. We, at Traffic Ticket Knights, help you fight traffic tickets in Toronto. We have helped hundreds of drivers fight a ticket against seatbelt violation.


What is Seat Belt Infringement?

Drivers are often issued tickets for seat belt violations which include the driver or passenger(s) travelling without wearing their seat belt. There are many situations which can get a driver a traffic ticket for seatbelt violations such as a driver who does not ensure that any passengers under the age of 16 is wearing their seatbelt, not ensuring that a child, infant, or toddler is properly secured with a seatbelt, not occupying a position with a seat belt, etc. Even if you are driving a vehicle with the seatbelt removed or inoperative, it can be a reason for your conviction.


Why it is Important to Consult Traffic Paralegal Services?

If convicted for a seat belt violation, you may be fined $200 or more and your conviction will show on your driving license for two years. two demerit points will also be added to your driving license, and accumulation of these points can lead to suspension of your license aswell as an increase in your insurance premiums. If you have received a ticket for seat belt violations, then you should consult traffic paralegal services and fight traffic ticket in Toronto rather than pleading guilty.


How Can Traffic Ticket Knights Help You Fight Traffic Ticket in Toronto and the GTA?

We are a team of licensed and qualified paralegals in Toronto that help our clients fight traffic ticket in Toronto. We offer highly professional, secure, and confidential traffic paralegal services throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Scarborough, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, and many more. We have represented our clients for many years, and with our paralegal services, we have helped our clients reduce their insurance premiums. With our best efforts we intend to get the charges eliminated or to negotiate with the prosecutor to get your demerit points, and fine reduced.. Our traffic paralegal services can help you get your charges dismissed.

Being responsible traffic paralegal services, we are committed to providing affordable services and helping you with every step while you fight traffic ticket in Toronto and the GTA.

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