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Driving Under Suspension

Driving under suspension is a serious offense under the Highway Traffic Act. If convicted, you can lose your drivers license for up to six months and may have to pay heavy fines ranging up to $25,000, which can greatly affect your insurance premiums. Your drivers license can also get suspended due to unpaid fines, drinking while driving or other alcohol related offenses, medical reasons, and accumulated demerit points; In the case that you have reached the maximum limit demerit points, your license is then automatically suspended for 30 days. You can also lose your license if you do not respond to a traffic ticket that you received recently. Traffic paralegal services can assist you with these issues.


For the first conviction of driving under suspension, you may be liable to pay fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, and have a six month suspension of your license.


Why Hire a Toronto Paralegal Services provider?


Driving under suspension can cause you to accumulate demerit points and thus affect your driving record. This may have a negative impact on your license, and increase your insurance premiums. If you have received a ticket for driving under suspension, then you may have the right to fight traffic ticket in Toronto and the GTA. You can approach traffic paralegal services, as a Toronto based paralegal services provider can help in eliminating the charges against you, or negotiate with the prosecutors to reduce your fine and imprisionment.


How Can Traffic Ticket Knights Help You Fight Traffic Ticket in Toronto and Ontario?


Traffic Ticket Knights is an experienced team of experts who offer Toronto paralegal services. We have years of experience, and strive to provide the best traffic paralegal services available. We refer to the orders and review the notes and evidences provided by the police officer on duty, in order to represent your case effectively in the court. We have a team of highly professional, qualified, and licensed paralegals who help you fight traffic ticket in Toronto and Ontario. We work to eliminate the charges against you or assist with relief in your demerit points and fines.


We are experienced in providing traffic paralegal services and have already helped hundreds of drivers reclaim their driving license, reduce their demerit points, avoid imprisonment, and reduce their insurance premiums. Contact us, an established Toronto paralegal services, for free consultations.

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