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Stop Sign Ticket

One of the most common traffic tickets issued under the Highway Traffic Act is failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light. If you fail to make a full or complete stop at a stop sign, you can be issued a traffic ticket by the officer on duty. Whether or not the road is clear to proceed, you must always make a full or complete stop at a stop sign (3 second stop), otherwise you may be penalized and the conviction which will remain on your drivers license for two years. This will also affect your insurance as you may be required to pay increased premiums.


Why Do You Need Paralegals In Toronto for Disobeying a Stop Sign?


Disobeying a stop sign can add three demerit points to your driving record. You can be fined $85 and a conviction will be added to your drivers license for two years. To avoid such penalties, fight traffic tickets in Toronto and the GTA by enlisting the services of Paralegals in Toronto.

If you face this offense, do not plead guilty or pay the fine – contact your Toronto based paralegal services for help.


How Can Traffic Ticket Knights Help You Fight Traffic Ticket in Toronto?


Traffic Ticket Knights is a Toronto based paralegal services provider that can help you fight traffic tickets in Toronto. We offer paralegals in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Newmarket, and other areas. Our team represents your traffic violation case before the court in a professional manner. We work to have the charges completely dismissed or to negotiate with the prosecutor to get you the least possible fine and penalties. We are committed to providing you the best legal support at highly affordable prices.


Choose us, as your paralegals in Toronto, to reduce your demerit points and insurance premiums. We fight traffic ticket in Toronto without affecting your drivers license and future vehicle purchases. You can rely on us, as we are one of the best Toronto based paralegal services providers!


Contact us today to fight traffic ticket in Toronto!

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