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Traffic Tickets


Almost everyone who drives a vehicle gets issued a traffic ticket at one point or another. These tickets are actually notices that are issued by the officers working for the police to road users. The traffic tickets are issued whenever people violate traffic rules and regulations. The list of people who can be issued traffic tickets includes all kinds of vehicle drivers such as bikers, motorists, car drivers, bus drivers, etc. There are many actions that may be considered as traffic violations in Toronto and The GTA, but broadly, they can be divided into two categories: The first category is a moving violation, and the second one is non-moving violation. In both of these cases you will need to fight traffic tickets in a Toronto traffic court To prevent an increase on your insurance premiums. At such times you will need traffic paralegal services, and that is where Traffic Ticket Knights can help you.


A moving traffic violation happens when a traffic rule is broken while the vehicle is in motion. The most common offense in this category is driving above the speed limit, but there can be many others as well such as improper lane change, improper turn, fail to stop, damage to public property, reckless driving, drunk driving, etc. A Non-moving violation refers to the breaking of a traffic rule by a stationary vehicle. Failure to show insurance, provide license, outdated plates, fail to report an accident and parking the vehicle in a no parking zone or during the no parking hours are all examples of this. The action taken by the officers depends on the severity of the crime committed by the vehicle owner.


Different kinds of tickets are issued depending on how serious the offense is in the eyes of the law. In many cases, the traffic officer will simply write a ticket which the vehicle owner has the option to pay off or set a trial date for. In some other cases, the vehicle owner or the driver is summoned to a traffic court on a specific date. Once summoned to court, a person has the option to plead guilty, or not guilty in which case they will need to fight the traffic ticket in Toronto. Traffic Ticket Knights provides exceptional traffic paralegal services, and we can help you in getting this matter settled in the most cost efficient manner. We provide you with highly experienced paralegal services at the most affordable prices.

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