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Small Claims Court Paralegal

You were so excited to finally have that hot tub you were dreaming of installed in your house! You researched contractors able to do the work. Prior to hiring the contractor you had an initial meeting and discussed exactly what you wanted, how the work was to be completed, and the total cost. You were presented with the terms in writing and agreed on a payment plan. You thoroughly read the contract, agreed to the terms, and signed on the dotted line. Per the executed agreement a check was given as an initial deposit. Now you were ready for work on your dream hot tub to begin! Lo and behold, the contractor skipped out with your money and no work done. What do you do? You know you want to go to small claims but HOW do you do this? Consulting a paralegal for your small claims court process is the way to go. Exactly how can a paralegal help with small claims cases?


First and foremost, the paralegal will have comprehensive knowledge of the steps necessary to file a lawsuit in small claims. Oftentimes, the general public is unaware of what exactly they need to do. They are so emotionally tied to the case that they may be unable to think straight! They may feel taken advantage of and can only see RED!


A paralegal will ensure all of the paperwork is completed without omissions or errors. They have the knowledge and experience to help you along this legal journey.


They will also devise a strategy for your case. You will be asked to produce any contracts, receipts, bills of sale, and/or warranties. These documents will help to prove your case in a court of law.


You will also be prepped on certain court terminologies which will help you feel more at ease in the courtroom. Small claims court can be tricky however having a paralegal by your side will help you navigate the system more easily and advantageously!

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