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Toronto Drivers Issued Traffic Tickets in a “Handy Ticket Trap”

Did you know that you can get a traffic ticket for making a U-turn over railroad tracks even in the absence of a “No U-Turn” sign? Toronto residents often need traffic paralegal services when they are fooled by a missing sign.


The Toronto Star warns drivers that police are waiting at the intersection of Lakeshore Boulevard East and Carlaw Avenue to ambush drivers who cross the railroad tracks while making a U-turn. The police are kept busy writing traffic tickets because no sign forbidding a U-turn is posted at the intersection. It seems that police expect drivers to have memorized the Highway Traffic Act. Which includes section 143(b), prohibiting making a U-turn on or within 30 metres of a railway crossing.


While it is often said that ignorance of the law is no excuse, drivers should fight traffic tickets that are issued unfairly. The police told a driver that they spent all morning handing out traffic tickets to drivers who were fooled by the absence of a sign. It is not surprising that they were fooled given that the tracks are in poor condition and have not been used for many years. Drivers who are familiar with the area know that no train will be entering the intersection. Traffic ticket paralegals understand the frustration that drivers feel when they have committed, at worst, a technical and harmless violation but still receive a traffic ticket which includes a hefty fine.


The police claim it is dangerous to make a U-turn on railroad tracks even if the tracks are not in use. If that is true, drivers reasonably wonder why the city has not warned of the danger by posting a “No U-Turn” sign. Is it because the police would not be able to write as many traffic tickets?


“The Fixer” at The Toronto Star calls the intersection “a handy ticket trap for police, at the expense of drivers who aren’t warned that a U-turn is illegal.” If you are the victim of a trap like the Star describes remember that you are not powerless! Fight back by getting professional paralegal assistance with your traffic ticket defense.

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