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Driving Without Insurance: Consequences and Reasons To Fight

One of the most serious hazards is driving without insurance. Recent measures have been imposed to ensure that people have the necessary insurance before taking their vehicles out on the road. In Toronto and the GTA harsh penalties are imposed and there has been a significant cracking down on violators. An uninsured driver and vehicle can cause financial hardship and damage to people and property. Some of the serious consequences of driving without insurance are discussed below:




Fines are imposed for driving without insurance and are $5,000. Repeat offenses incur heavier fines. In certain cases, uninsured driving can even lead to imprisonment.


Suspension of License


Ones driver’s license can be temporarily suspended for violating traffic laws. Sometimes drivers are insured but are stopped with no proof of coverage. A ticket may still be issued which may necessitate a trip to court. However, drivers with no insurance may lose their license for one to three months and must pay a reinstatement fee.


Increase in Insurance Premiums


Besides paying fines and penalties, drivers will also find that they incur higher insurance premiums in the future as insurance companies consider such drivers a risk. Fortunately, a clean record will allow insurance rates to gradually decrease over time.


Poor Driving Record


Fines, demerit points, and a suspended license all lead to a damaged driving record and increased insurance rates. A poor driving record takes years and years to rebuild. You may also be refused a driving job.


Fighting the Offense


It may seem easier to plead guilty, admit the offence, and pay the fine in person or by mail within 30 days. However, once you pay the fine the conviction automatically appears on your driving record. In order to avoid conviction you must plead not guilty and fight the ticket. This requires delivering a Notice of Dispute to the court. After submitting the notice you will receive a hearing date.


At the hearing, the police officer that issued the ticket will testify and you will be given an opportunity to provide evidences and question the officer on duty. The judge will decide whether you are guilty or not guilty. You are able to submit insurance documents if you were driving without proof of coverage. This will allow the charges to be withdrawn. Browse through the website to know more about fighting a ticket for driving without insurance.


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