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Traffic Tickets And Their Effects On Insurance Rates

If you have been issued a traffic ticket recently, then it is crucial for you to fight your traffic ticket because a conviction will not only add to your demerit points, but will also lead to an increase in your insurance costs. Yes, you got it right, traffic tickets have a significant effect on your monthly auto insurance premiums. The insurance companies charge premiums according to the driver’s record. Depending on the severity of the conviction under the Highway Traffic Act, and how frequently you face these tickets, the insurance companies can alter your insurance rates a lot. Whatever the increase is, the increases compound over time.


The insurance providers are concerned with the risks associated with your tickets. The auto insurance companies offer to cover your risks at a premium that can easily make them bear the loss and this is the reason that your monthly insurance premium varies depending upon your personal profile. They are definitely concerned about how risky your driving is. Traffic tickets and your history of moving violations is the indicator of how risky your driving is.


The insurance companies have access to the point system for driving offenses, which is maintained by most provinces. Some of the tickets, such as parking tickets, do not add any points to your record; however, some violations such as speeding tickets, not stopping at red lights, etc., add a huge number of points, which badly affects your record. This, in turn, will make your insurance premiums increase, as the insurance carriers know about the points and the tickets.


This makes it of the utmost important for you to drive safely, as traffic tickets can badly hurt your finances and make you listed among risky drivers. If unfortunately you do get a traffic ticket, then you must fight the ticket legally with the help of a traffic ticket attorney. We, at Traffic Ticket Knights, help you fight your traffic tickets and help you avoid convictions. Thus, we help you keep your driving record clean so that you can get insurance at lower premiums. To know more about us, browse through our website


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