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Three strikes and you're out! That is the harsh reality that many drivers face. Three tickets can lead to a spike in your insurance premiums or even outright cancellation of your insurance policy! Traffic tickets are issued whenever an individual breaks a traffic rule. As a result, almost every person that drives a vehicle will be, or already has been, issued a traffic ticket. As a result, three tickets can accumulate quite quickly.

Even more risky is that you do not necessarily need to be in a car to receive one. Passengers, bikers, motorists, bus drivers and many more vehicle drivers can be issued traffic tickets in Toronto. These tickets all affect your insurance prices. With two entire categories of traffic crimes existing within Toronto it is no wonder so many people receive traffic tickets! These range from moving violations to non-moving violations.

However, no matter what category the ticket will need to be fought in traffic court. Without fighting your tickets the accumulation of just three traffic tickets in Toronto can result in the outright loss of your insurance. Frankly, it is not worth the risk! That is precisely why paralegal services are available in Toronto – so that you do not have to simply pay your ticket and accept your fate. You CAN AND SHOULD fight it!

Traffic Ticket Knights can help you. We are a paralegal service that is highly trained and qualified in fighting your traffic tickets. Having an experienced paralegal review your case and represent you in court can result in significantly decreased funds and may even allow your ticket to be completely dismissed!. Let Traffic Ticket Knights fight your battle for you!


Absolutely amazing!
I had a speeding ticket violation, my first ever and my immediate reaction was to panic about it. I had no idea how it would affect my points or my insurance. I googled a paralegal service and Traffic Ticket Knights came up.
Not only was their service impeccable, but they resolved my problem altogether. They explained the ramifications of my traffic ticket, and then they made my ticket and fines disappear.
So incredibly grateful!
  Janna Trosman
Great experience with Traffic Ticket Knights.
They were great with me from beginning to end. They dealt with all the headache, and I got rid of the points that my ticket was about to give me. Extremely happy with their service.   Ilan Kilmnik
Wonderful experience! Very friendly and super informative!
I never thought I would need them but one mistake on my part had me go ogling paralegals. I'm so glad I found them because they explained everything very simply and got my ticket cleared! They definitely turned something scary into a positive experience!
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  Nataly Tobiash